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Re: Monitor placement

On Oct 9, 12:18, Gr8color at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Monitor placement

> Is there a set standard or formula to determine the optimum distance, or
> placement of the  >Main< Telecine monitor?   

There is a spec on this from Joe Kane's research, anyone have it

> from  the majority, is underscan or overscan preferred, given that there is

Frank, we discussed that earlier this year, when I polled everyone on
under vs. over, and the results were that the overwhelming majority
prefers underscan.  Do an archive keyword search for 'underscan' and
you'll find the thread.

> considering that there does exsist a luminence
> difference when monitoring under versus over.     

I think the idea now is that the luminance setup is now done in
underscan, since that's the preferred mode.


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