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Re: Monitor placement

Popular wisdom here at SMA places the main monitor approximately
13 times the height of the monitor away from the client. I got this 
constant either from Mark Schubin or from some Sarnoff labs hi-def 
testing that I participated in during the '80's.
Obviously, the colorist sits much closer to the monitor than that. We 
align the monitor to what Ikegami (TM 20-20) refers to as "normal" 
scan. The film is graded with the same scan size. The monitor is fed RGB output
from the Hewlett-Packard quality advisor. There is no composite video feed to 
any main monitor in any component room at SMA.
The Y output from the Ursa Gold is fed into the monitor routing 
switcher, and as I review the most current  color correct room salvo, 
I notice that the Ursa Y signal does indeed feed a 9" monochrome 
monitor that is underscanned.
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