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WME & web news

WME starts tomorrow, and it will be good for those of us who can
attend the show to report the salient telecine news here.  WME has not
the size of IBC, so the clamor will probably not be as great

On the web front, I've been working a bit on trying to incorporate the
telecine internet group member directory into a database that I can
make available on the web, via 'msql' and 'php/fi', powerful SQL and
CGI tools from the net.  The great advantage of Unix over the years
for me has been the free code and support available on the internet.
Software-wise, just about everything that goes into my servers is
freeware, including: the httpd server itself, Apache, which is
probably the best one available, including even the commercial
servers; the mailinglist management suite of programs (SmartList and
Procmail); the MTA (mail transport agent) Smail; the tcp wrappers
watching the connections; etc. etc.  For once, however, I'm looking
into making this database development easier on myself by getting
Oracle or other commercial db tool.  If anyone in this group is using
a minimal database frontend --a so-called 'rapid application
development' tool-- under Unix (slim chance) or Windows 3.x (I can run
Windows apps under Solaris' WABI), please contact me.

I've been informed that Pandora's webpage has been updated
substantially --'http://pogle.pandora-int.com/'; looks like they've
been hard at work.  I have heard that a page from Philips for their
telecine products is in the works, which would leave Cintel as the
lone holdout for webspace.  A side note to Mr. Fenton: I'd be happy to
host your website.

A note about postings to this group: we have over 600 subscribers now
to this mailinglist, with many more reading via various proxies.  Keep
in mind when you send a message to the group that it is similar to
giving a small speech in a large hall filled with variously
distinguished and esteemed colleagues.  On the other hand, the
somewhat anarchic, unique nature of an open mailinglist like this
makes it a lot of fun to read.  Don't hesitate to speak your mind, but
be respectful and polite.


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