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Re: Monitor placement

At 4:51 PM 10/9/96, bob at bluescreen.com wrote:
>On Wed, 9 Oct 1996 12:39:50 -0700, you wrote:
>>Dave Satin wrote:
>>>There is no composite video feed to
>>>any main monitor in any component room at SMA.
>>Anyone care to open up this can of worms?
>>Phil Mendelson      philm at hollydig.com
>I'll give it a go.

>Bottom line is, if I'm recording component, I'm showing component.
>Bob Kertesz
>Blue/Green/Screen LLC
>The Ultimate in ULTIMATTE compositing

To add fuel to this one... the picture is ultimattely (sic) going to be
viewed on an NTSC (OK or PAL) television set, either the agency director's
expensive ProScan setup, or on Grandma's rented 15-year old Zenith
somewhere near Duluth.

We owe it to our clients to at least be aware of what the NTSC encoded
picture is going to look like, especially since many of the high-end
facilities go to great and expensive (e.g. Accom) lengths to provide an
outstanding encoded image.

This is at the root of my personal objection to delivering component
digital tapes to broadcasters. Most of these guys will use the most
expedient method (and who can blame them?) to generate an NTSC picture from
the component tape. This is likely to be the built-in encoder of the
digi-Beta or analog Beta format. Where's you precious combing and lum/chrom
prefiltering now?

We need to be able to demonstrate to clients the results they can get, not
to mention the repeatability, by doing this important step in the post
house, and delivering a composite tape. Some education is required here,
starting with getting the client used to seeing both the "pristine" but
post-house driven D-1 image, and the resulting composite image (or
bandwidth compressed, if you will).

Of course, as soon as Falcon Cablevision can deliver a virgin 270MBits/sec
D-1 signal to my house for decoding into RGB direct to the guns of my TV,
all the above is null and void. Yeah right, real soon.


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