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Re: Monitor placement

>1) because it's written somewhere doesn't necessarily mean it's right.
>2) because it's discussed at an ITS meeting doesn't necessarily mean
>it's right.
>I'd be interested in learning how many of the ITS notes concur with
>current knowledge and practice.  I think there are a few that are

The information seems to track the recommendations developed by Joe Kane as
chairman of the SMPTE monitor group. They developed three recommended
practices that have been published and approved by SMPTE. Joe has continued
his interest in the area and has a regular cotttage industry in this one

Joe has presented this information at several SMPTE meetings and I have
attempted over the years to build rooms that track "the method." The only
area I have problem with is holding the room light to 65K. The color seems
wierd to me when using most flourescent bulbs. There are wide spectrum
bulbs at the correct color temp that look better. We had two rooms here at
Complete Post with quite good task lighting but we lost them to remodeling.
Oh, well.

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