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Re: Monitor placement

        Reply to:   RE>>Monitor placement

I basically agree.  Mike's reasons are similar to our own here for monitoring
in Composite.  D-1 is available if the clients request it but this doesn't
happen very often, at least in Film to Tape.  The D-1 Edit suites and the
Graphics rooms are a different story however.
>   on Oct 10, 1996 Mike Orton wrote--->
>   ...<major deletia>...
>   To add fuel to this one... the picture is
>   ultimattely (sic) going to be
>   viewed on an NTSC (OK or PAL) television set, 
>   either the agency director's
>   expensive ProScan setup, or on Grandma's rented 
>   15-year old Zenith
>   somewhere near Duluth.
>   We owe it to our clients to at least be aware 
>   of what the NTSC encoded
>   picture is going to look like, .........