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Re: Monitor placement

>>>Dave Satin wrote:
>>>>There is no composite video feed to
>>>>any main monitor in any component room at SMA.
>>>Anyone care to open up this can of worms?
>>>Phil Mendelson      philm at hollydig.com
>>I'll give it a go.
>>Bottom line is, if I'm recording component, I'm showing component.
>>Bob Kertesz
>To add fuel to this one... the picture is ultimattely (sic) going to be
>viewed on an NTSC (OK or PAL) television set, either the agency =
>expensive ProScan setup, or on Grandma's rented 15-year old Zenith
>somewhere near Duluth.
This is the downside, of course.  And the feed to that ProScan will =
be from a color under vtr, either 3/4 or VHS, while grandma's cable feed
will be squeezed through a dozen nuvistor-based line amps (you young guys
can look up nuvistors), making the results in either case far less than
attractive. =20

But my impression is that once the thing leaves post the interest is far
more toward content than form (barring some really ugly artifacts or
something).  My feeling was always that people wanted to see the nicest
possible image while in post.

Also, I have to be far less careful than y'all in terms of limiting my
output to NTSC legal colors because I have nowhere near the control =
available in telecine to *REALLY* torture an image.  All I really have to
watch is my white clips.

And lastly, as self-serving as this may be, doing live matte composites =
stage where everyone is six inches from a 19" 700 line monitor is suicide
if you're going to show a composite video image.  People will see edging
and crawl no matter what you do, whether it's there or not, which is one =
the reasons I went to component monitoring as soon as it was financially
practical (ie. I could afford to buy the DAs and monitors, considering I
couldn't charge any extra for them).
>Of course, as soon as Falcon Cablevision can deliver a virgin =
>D-1 signal to my house for decoding into RGB direct to the guns of my =
>all the above is null and void. Yeah right, real soon.
And I'm certain Century Cable will be right behind them, although the way
they've repeatedly tried to have sex with their entire client base over =
last few years might preclude the "virgin" label.

Bob Kertesz
Blue/Green/Screen LLC

The Ultimate in ULTIMATTE compositing