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Re: Monitor placement

10/10/96     7:26 pm    Re>Monitor placement
Martin Parsons                   >>>                 The Mill   40/41 Great...

I've always taken the ideal viewing distance to be six times screen height for
a monitor.
However for a 20 inch monitor this works out at six feet and consequently too
far away.
At The Mill the colorists/editors/graphic artists have their preferred working
distances from the monitor. These come out at around four times picture height
for the telecine and edit suites and about three times picture height for the
Quantel, Flame and Avid suites.
On the subject of composite feeds to the main monitor I can say that all the
suites here have them and for good reason.
Although all the main monitors are fed with serial digital video it is
necessary to sometimes switch over to the PAL input to check for PAL artifacts
such as cross colour etc. or to verify that for example fine type, although
clearly visible in 601 land, doesn't fuzz up when crossing over to PAL.
Also in all suites except telecine there is a client monitor towards the back
of the room which is basically a domestic TV. This is always overscanned and
shows how the picture "looks" to someone at home. It is not used to judge
colour or any picture criteria - for that the main monitor is the "truth".
All monitors used here are Sony BVM-2010/2011/20F1E (I believe in the U.S.
there is a slightly different way of measuring screen size and that they are
named BVM-1910/1911 etc). 
With the 2010 and 2011s, the monitor came fitted with two composite inputs as
standard and with a reasonably sized composite router there was really no
point in not feeding PAL to these monitors.
The 20F1E however comes with the option of having a composite input fitted.
The three or so 20F1Es here still have a feed of PAL to them but at some stage
post houses will ask themselves how necessary is it to add the cost of extra
composite input boards to the price of a monitor and will the domestic TV at
the back do.

Martin Parsons
Senior Engineer
The Mill
40-41 Great Marlborough Street
London W1V  1DA