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Monitor Placement

I agree with many of the points raised in this discussion, however I detect a polarisation of the group 
between the short and long form folks (a vast oversimplification of the work you all do but it serves the 

The rule that 'if it will be delivered composite you should be able to monitor composite' seems to apply 
well here. The issues of '601 blanking vs. encoded should also not be ignored (how many NTSC delivery 
systems transmit 10.4uS H blanking?

Although not too many cable systems deliver D1 to home TV, the much hailed DVD will effectively do this. 
What now happens to the movies that we carefully mastered a couple of years ago monitoring composite 
through our trusty D-Bridges (10.7 NTSC blanking I think)??? Does anyone know if the players re-insert 
appropriate blanking?

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