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Re: Monitor placement and other digressions

JKreines at aol.com wrote:

> Nuvistors could be pretty wonderful.  They ran hot, but they made some
> microphones (Neumann U64) and tape recorders (Ampex MR70) sound just fine...
> Jeff "how about an ALL-TUBE telecine for Videophiles?" Kreines

Its been done Jeff,
I think some amongst us will remember products from Cintel (Cinema-Television) that were all valves, 
only just a little before my time. I also have some octal base 'Brimar' valves at home in England
so we know where to get spares from! 

Not to stray too far from the point, but I have an all tube (valve to us brits) Fisher Amp/Receiver in my
living-room rescued from my mother in law's garage that has a nuvistor FM-Stereo de-mux that out 
performs most other FM receivers in the house. Not to mention the Hammarlund HQ-150 sitting next to my
PC for HF (thanks Neil).

Still enjoying the warmth of valves come a California winters eve'