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Re: Monitor placement and other digressions

))Its been done Jeff,
I think some amongst us will remember products from Cintel
(Cinema-Television) that were all valves, ((

True enough.  Was there ever a color valve version, though???  Or is it time
for one!  In the mid 70s I actually once had to use a 1950's GE B&W tube film
chain that was still up and sort of running, at what was probably one of the
last US stations to go color (in 1976!).  (It was an impoverished PBS

I do go back to the tube quad days, though they were old machines and I was
very young...  but I did use them.  I have a McIntosh tuner/preamp with some
Nuvistors in it, along with my Mac tube amp (MC225) which still sounds pretty
wonderful.  Old analog recordings played through it are magical.  Yours
sounds like a Fisher 500, a great unit.

And, yes, the added warmth is a plus, except on hot Alabama August days!

Jeff "no I don't use $500 speaker wire" Kreines