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Spirit WME

Well, I have now seen it, albeit in the middle of the exhibition hall,
with the lights glaring in the screen.

IMHO the biggest thing that I saw in HD was the grain of the film, it
actually reminded me of noise!  The detail was fantastic, but a grain
reducer is now sorely needed.  So much for HD, I don't do it!

Now 525.  Well everything looked good/great, but a direct comparison to
the Gold on the Cintel stand was impossible as the tube was a demo model
only and the machine was completely standard, not the way we use it in
the real world.  And do I really want to make a direct comparison?  Are
they not different animals?  

BTW, I could see no hint of any grain/noise reduction at all on the

So my thoughts return to the fact that market forces are going to be the
deciding factor here; if your competition get one and all the clients
flock that way.....  well, what do you do?  You still have to get the
calculator out and see if the hourly rate that you can charge in the
area that you are working supports the investment.  If so, great, if
not, why become a charity?

(I promise never to quote Jeff Kreines again)
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