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RE: Primetime

 As a person with great respect for anyone attempting to
make telecine a more predictable process I will make my
reply very simple in an attempt to avoid a useless continued
 First of all,I never intended to imply that the 5600 is rated
according to its product number.The rated speeds of films
currently in use are no mystery to me.I assume this 
knowledge to be universal among the group,so I make 
statements with this in mind.
 I have found that the Prime Time can and does look
spectacular when handled correctly.Like all high speed films,
grain becomes an issue in telecine.Any DP must consider this
when choosing a film stock.
  The tone of your letter leads me to think that I may have 
offended you.That was not the intent.I will continue to speak
my mind and I hope you will,too.I also hope that you can see the value
in such candid communications coming from an individual with
no product affiliation to influence the thought process.
   As always,I wish the group happy transfers.


From: 	Yuri Neyman
Sent: 	Sunday, October 06, 1996 10:15 PM
Cc: 	telecine group
Subject: 	Re: Primetime

Dear Randy,

1.Sorry to disappoint you: the  speed of the Eastman EXR Primetime
Teleproduction Film 5600(5600-A) is 640 Tungsten, not 5600.

2. Speed is important in the stock , but not so important for DP, as
color sensitivity,latitude, and gradient(gamma) in the shadow part of
curve. Those factors make  the image different, not a speed.To compare
stock by speed only is not enough today.

3. I can assure you: test was done very accurately, one of the best
tests you  can have. In our company we are doing a lot of testing not
only for film and TV productions, but also for computer graphics, SFX
and forensic applications of our "THOROUGH CONTROL SYSTEMŽ/GAMMA=1C"

4 "In fact,I think the look is so good that it rivals 5298.To say
that it looks like 5293 would be like saying 5293  looks like

Also it would be usefull to know from what point of view ,you  evaluate
differences and similarities, if any,
 between 5298, 5293,and 5245,

Kind regards,

Yuri Neyman