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Re: Musicians here?

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I'll add my music background to the poll.  I played French Horn throughout
early years (Primary school through early college) and other Brass (Baritone
Horn, Trumpet).  Participated in various singing/choral groups over the
years--everything from a HS Folk Song Club in the early 60's;  Barbershop
Quartet early 70's and early 80's; Acapella Doo Wop in the early 70's; 
dabbling on the guitar and an attempt to learn piano in the late 80's; founder
of an informal Octet singing Madrigals, Vocal Jazz, and Cole Porter tunes in
the 80's; and currently various church choirs.
Dave Corbitt    Manhattan Transfer/Edit, Inc.

On Oct 14,  4:43, Dick Hobbs wrote:
} Subject: Re: more 2nd hand stuff

> Do we have other musicians in the world of telecine?