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RE> The Big Debate

RE> The Big Debate
To telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com

Last week at WME I put various pieces of film on the Spirit
and transferred them to Digi Beta.  I did splits with one of
the Golds back here on my return.  The picture quality was
comparable with 35mm ( they would not let us test 16mm).  It
was easy enough to match color and it was possible to pull
out all the same detail with both, both spatial and color. 
Well in the TV world you are limited anyway so the job is
not so hard. There were two areas where the Spirit did look
better.  When zooming in there was the absence of color
change and tube artifiacts, roll out Twigi I guess.  It also
looked smoother with highly saturated colors on a piece film
where the grain was a little pronounced.  Though there is
plenty of relousiton on the spirit it does have a certain
soft quality, which is rather pleasant actually.  This I
attribute to the diffusion of the light source and I believe
is why it looked smoother with the highly saturated colors. 
The Gold did nothing to smooth out the grain and so looked a
little noisier when running.  Note there was no visible
noise on the Gold with the film in question in stop
 ( no noise reduction was used at any time).   The other
obvious thing is that you do not get the geometry errors
that you do with the Ursa's.
I must admit, per Jon,  that once you had balanced the
whites and blacks on the  Spirit once, you were pretty much
there not just for the first roll but for most thereafter
making for extremely efficient transfer.  Though I do find
the same to be nearly true on Ursa if you have a setup or
two for the machine and do all color correction in your post
processor whatever that may be.
Not a half million dollar plus difference so far.  I would
like an opportunity to try 16mm on the machine, this would
be interesting.  Though I do wonder, even if it is a lot
better whether the 16mm clients budget would stand Spirit
trasnfer rates.