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D1, Encoders, and DVD

--- Forwarded mail from "Martin, Ron (MCA)" <rlmarti at mca.com>

There have been a few questions lately about DVD related to monitoring   
and encoded output.  We at the MCA DVCC (Digital Video Compression   
Center) have several of the consumer DVD players straight off the   
production line from Japan and I can tell you they look GREAT!

The players include a composite output as well a S-Video component   
output. The encoded output H. blanking is 10.8 and there are even 8   
cycles of stable subcarrier that any Tek. WFM would be impressed with.   
Anything left in the D1 master that you hoped the Accom (or any other   
encoder) would hide is now going to be out there for the world to see.   
 The colorimetry and level reproduction is remarkable. The vector display   
of program bars look like they are right out of the test generator. No   
chroma noise, no over-modulation artifact, just clean pictures.  This   
signal will be the cleanest and highest integrity ever delivered to the   
home/consumer marketplace.

Obviously this means that for the mastering session closer attention must   
be given to the component monitoring.
The fact that the end user can now monitor before the encoding stage (if   
he is so equipped) should make us re-think how we approach things like   
chroma and luma clipping (have you got your HP D1 procs in line?)

This will be a big boost for the S-Video option on consumer sets and   
should (maybe) raise the consumers appreciation for the product we   
produce. As colorists, engineers and content suppliers we also have to   
raise our standards for our own products.

Ron Martin,   Engineer
MCA / MEI HDTV Telecine Center
MCA Digital Video Compression Center

rlmarti at mca.com

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