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Re: Musicians here?

>> Do we have other musicians in the world of telecine? 

Sometimes I think most everyone in video started out as a musician.

I've been playing bass since 1968.  While I was stationed in Vietnam in
1971, I spent three months of my tour performing with a Special Services/USO
group.  After we got out of the service, the core of musicians formed a band
in Colorado and it lasted a few years.  I continued to play, eventually
getting freelance day jobs in video production (by now I was in the North
Jersey/NYC area).  After marriage and kids, it was time to get serious, and
I got a full time job as a telecine backup at Devlin(1978 or so).  I didn't
play much at all for the next ten years.

Since coming to Philly I've been able to get back into it.  Got some new
equipment (SWR makes a wonderful bass amp!) and hooked up with a brilliant
country guitarist named Joe Dalton. (He writes for Guitar Player...)  We've
played a few gigs so far, the farthest in Lumberton, NC opening for Wade
Hayes), and perhaps more will come of it.  I'm not really into Country a
lot, but I've enjoyed learning a new style and have come to appreciate the
new approach.

I play a Fender Precision bass, have no effects pedals, and am not a
virtuoso but I can find a pocket.  Never learned how to slap and pop.

Thanks for letting me share this with you all.  It's nice to find so many
other musical people here.  I find a nice parallel with making music and
making nice pictures happen...

Jammin' with DaVinci,

Bob Lovejoy