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vm_lowdown: Aaton INSTANTSYNC

This is our first vm-lowdown to the TIG, I hope it will be of interest
to all of you (musicians)-colorists who too often are condemned to
look at talkies as if you had no ears.

The Aaton INSTANTSYNC system is meant for facilities that have to
deliver synced dailies immediately out of the transfer session, with
no more extra work on the colorist's part and no costly audio-sync
time in the telecine suite.  This on top of the fact that InstantSync
relieves the field recordist of the infamous 'roll-audio-tape-seven-
seconds-before-the-camera-starts' burden, once and for all.

InstantSync is composed of three new 'instruments':
FILMWAVE, a multi-media compatible audio format tailored to film needs;
SORTQUATRO, an audio-TC controlled digitizing station; and
SEEK&SYNC, an ultra fast audio-to-video synching device.

- FILMWAVE is the Microsoft audio WAVE format in which -- based on
experience acquired in developing AatonCode and Keylink -- we added a
'film chunk' containing all the data required for automated sound
syncing.  Recorded using FilmWave, a JAZ/SYJET cartridge can carry the
sound of the film throughout the entire post-production process: from
field recording (any multi-media PC reads it), to synced dailies
(faster than OMF), to NLE and mixing stations (disk to disk in 1/10th
the time it takes for a DAT).

  This format is now jointly supported by SADiE, PYRAMIX and AATON. 
  LIGHTWORKS will handle it before the end of the year.  AVID's 
  ProTools V.4 reads WAVE files ('film chunk' extraction will be a matter
  of course); SSL is currently considering this format which carries 
  on-location data all the way through to the final mixing stage.

- SORTQUATRO is a digital audio recorder PC for transferring analog
and DAT tapes onto JAZ/SYJET cartridges or Hard Drive.  It's a true
'on the fly' machine: no need to stop and preroll the playback tape,
since not even one digit of sound is lost at each field recorder
break.  The Nagra/DAT-to-disk copy can take place while the film
negatives are being processed in the lab, so the disk is ready when
the film goes to telecine.

- SEEK&SYNC is a Keylink option that syncs FilmWave recorded audio
disks in less than two frames. Hanging around for two second (best
case) is no fun, but seven seconds is hell. Seek&Sync is so fast it
can play sync-sound as soon as the first image of an AatonCoded take
appears on the screen.  One-lite transfers no longer suffer from
missing audio at the head of takes, audio preroll is eliminated.

With its economic talking-dailies, InstantSync is joining the
new-rawstocks and new-telecines ranks to sustain film origination
against the onslaught of digicameras ;-)

Jean-Pierre Beauviala 

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