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Re: Musicians Galore

>>  Question:  Is there a correlation between color blindness and tone
deafness?  What area of the brain is used while coloring?  How many of you
out there are "lefties?"   (I am)<<

Jim Erickson
Well, Jim, they reckon left-handed people work from the right brain-side. The
creative side. I think.
I have always wriiten on the left, much to my teacher's dismay, I have kicked
footy with my my right,
eaten like a "righty", thrown with my left, my master eye is my right and ,come
to think of it, blow my "didge"
out of my left side of my mouth. A motorbike accident in '79 did many things to
my left wrist and as a result 
I have become semi-ambidextrous. Oh, and I wear my watch on my right wrist and
play golf right-handed.
My TLC keyboard is on my right, Silicon Graphics to my left with PC and I drive
on the left side of the road, the right side.!
And as for tone ......"What tone?"....10 years in tape fixed that. (that's the
real reason I play didgeridoo!)

Hope all this has clarified your research.

Peter Balfour...I think....