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Musicians Galore

As a followup to Donna's message a few days ago... we are in the process of
nailing down a location for the Telecine Fun Night during NAB '97.  Donna
also mentioned that if you guys wanted to... we possibly could arrange for a
"jam session" at the party.  Since this part is one that Options and our
manufacturers sponsor in honor of our telecine industry friends... it is your
choice as to whether you want us to provide a party location where you can
"jam."  Thus, we are asking for your help.  We need to know, rather quickly,
if you talented folks want a chance to jam at the NAB Fun Night.  This will
greatly assist us in our efforts in confirming a location (selections are
getting harder to find as other NAB types are also reserving for their

Our thought was that if the jam takes place, we could use the first couple of
hours of the Fun Night as a social time... then, later in the evening, you
guys could "jam" to your hearts' content.  Alternatively, if  y'all prefer
the Fun Night to be as last year... simply an opportunity to get together
without entertainment... then that's fine with us too.  Your comments and
suggestions are encouraged and most welcome!

Also, at last year's NAB Telecine Fun Night, the Nerdie Award was introduced
(idea and award created by Bill Topazio... thank you)... with the honor being
bestowed on Rob Lingelbach for his creation of the TIG.  Due to the great
response, it was agreed that the Nerdie Award should be an annual event at
the Fun Night.  Therefore, this is an open invitation to the group to submit
your entries for the '97 Nerdie Award recipient.  The entries can either be
submitted to Options' Email address or FAX.  Each entry must state the name
of the person and company being nominated... why the nominee should be
considered... the person's name making the nomination as well as their
company, phone & FAX numbers.  Please keep in mind that the nominee should be
one within the telecine realm that has "gone above and beyond" in their
contributions to the industry. 

At the same time... do we have a volunteer that will design/create the '97
Nerdie Award?  All offers welcome.

We look forward to hearing from the group.  And as always... thanks for your

All the best,