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Telecine Oral History Project...

As a lover of techno-history, I was curious about an event that, uh, colored
much of the 1980's...

So, Grandpa or Grandma Telecine, we young uns want to know what were the
causes of, the effects of (and your favorite war stories from) the Great
Color Corrector Patent Battles of the early 1980's...

We all hear tell of the CCC Patent Trust acting a little like the Motion
Picture Patent Trust acted in the 1900s...  but would like to know more...
 from whatever biased or enlightened points of view are out there.  Did they
sneak into your suites in the middle of the night with baseball bats?  Or is
that something from Edison's day? 

Not trying to start a flame war, just trying to capture a little telecine
oral history before it's gone.

Jeff "tell us another one, Grandpa!" Kreines