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JP Beauviala writes:

)) * FILMWAVE is an audio file format based on Microsoft .WAV in which we
incorporated a 'film chunk' carrying all the specific data needed for film
sync, based on our ten years of experience developing AatonCode. This format
is being adopted by SADiE & PYRAmix audio mixers; Lightworks will read it by
the end of November; Avid's ProTools already reads .WAV files ((

What about the film chunk?  Can ProTools deal with that?? 

When will this be available?  Cost?

Seems like the end of sync and preroll hassles in the telecine suite.  Of
course, some probably prefer those extra billable hours...  ;-)

How open will this architecture be?  Will we be able to digitize audio on the
DAW of our choice (like ProTools)?  Will you support SSA drives so that the
entire system can be networked in a facility -- no Jaz drives to drag back
and forth?  Also, I'd think that archiving the audio to CD-R would be a cheap
and effective way of delivering audio to a client -- a $7.00 CD-R vs a $100
Jaz cartridge...  better long term storage, too.

Also, what about audio for film that doesn't have Aaton Time Code?  Can one
program in the TC slates or claps, and have the same benefits of no preroll?

Jeff "I don't need one but I'd like one" Kreines