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Re: vm_lowdown: Aaton INSTANTSYNC

At 02:28 PM 10/16/96 -0700, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

>- FILMWAVE is the Microsoft audio WAVE format in which -- based on
>experience acquired in developing AatonCode and Keylink -- we added a
>'film chunk' containing all the data required for automated sound
>syncing.  Recorded using FilmWave, a JAZ/SYJET cartridge can carry the
>sound of the film throughout the entire post-production process: from
>field recording (any multi-media PC reads it), to synced dailies
>(faster than OMF), to NLE and mixing stations (disk to disk in 1/10th
>the time it takes for a DAT).
Does the proposed OpenDML AVI file format contain enough "film chunk" data
for it to be used as a container in this application?  There are several
applications using this file format shipping within the next year.


Andrew Maltz
Digital Media Technologies, Inc.
andymal at primenet.com