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equipment for sale

Now appearing on the telecine webpage classifieds, and as a master
list via email as described at the very bottom of this message:

Listed for sale

Tektronix PDR-100 Profile Video Disk Recorder
* Features 4-8 gig off-the-shelf SCSI drive for up to 53 mins. capacity at
minimum compression
* Selectable fixed or dynamic compression algorithms
* 4 channel analog audio 20-20KHz
* 2 timecode channels + VITC
* Runs on Win NT platform for stand-alone or LAN operation
* VDRPanel virtual control interface
* PRC-100 control panel available for VTR-like human interface
* Multi-user, Multi-channel operation
* Odetics and Louth protocol support
* Low hour machine-used approximately 1 year

Listed for $38,000.00 neg.

Contact Dean Humphus
The Filmworkers Club
(214) 754-9333 vox
(214) 754-932 fax
or e-mail at dhumphus at airmail.net


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