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Digital Betacam Composite output Quality

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     Recently, we ran into a problem when viewing the composite output
     of a digital betacam. Basically, it looked horrible. Upon further
     research, we came to find that there is no filtering done on the
     signal when it is encoded. This means that the composite output is
     passing frequencies very unfriendly to the NTSC environment.

       In discussing the problem with Sony, they contend the output was
     specifically designed this way in order to minimize generation loss.
     I have difficulty believing that in engineering a digital format
     machine there would be concern about generation loss from a composite

       The reason this output is an issue in the first place is because at
     times we need to use the digital machines as analog playback sources
     in our analog edit suites. The difference in the signal quality
     between the normal beta-sp and the digi-beta has at times become
     prohibitive due to these high frequency artifacts.

       If there is anyone out there that has experienced the chroma crawl
     and general rattyness of this composite output and has discovered a
     workaround short of putting an encoder on one of the digital outputs,
     please let me know.

          Thanks in advance, Ed