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Re: Musicians here?

On Oct 17, 19:47, AntlerProd at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: Musicians here?

> Well, Rob, you can add me to your list.
> I am quite proficient at lead and background vocals, electric and acoustic
> guitar, bass, harmonica, mandolin, and trombone.
> Started out with trombone in elementary school.  Played in rock, country,
> blues, soul, and disco/funk bands through the years.  Did clubs six nights a
> week when I first moved to LA and studio session work.
> Received Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in music composition.
> How this all relates to me working in telecine I don't have a clue.  
> Mike Brebes
> Post Group West

}-- End of excerpt from AntlerProd at aol.com

Mike, you're the top contender for bandleader and arranger.  Can you
do some charts for a 37-piece band comprising 24 guitarists, 5
bassists, one accordion, 4 drummers, clarinet, bari sax, and
didgeridoo?  Perhaps some variations on a Sousa march, done in a
classical/jazz/blues vein.


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