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Dear Jeff "I don't need one but I'd like one" Kreines,

>>  JP Beauviala writes:
>>  )) * FILMWAVE is an audio file format...((
>>  ...deletia...
>>  How open will this architecture be?  Will we be able to digitize 
>>  audio on the DAW of our choice (like ProTools)?

I will answer your complete mail in a few days because you have 
brought up important points (a lot of questions indeed!) on the choices 
we had to make in light of the present state of technology.

Yes, InstantSync can work in an open environment, the Aaton audio cards 
are not SCSI devoted, i.e. at any time you will be able to migrate 
from SCSI to SSA, to ATM, to Fiber Channel EL, you name it...

Yes, you can replace the $100 JAZ cartridge by a $7 CD-R archiving media
(to some fast-seeking compromises), we will offer that alternative too.

Yes you can digitize on other DAWs than the Aaton Sortquatro; provided 
they offer the FilmWave format choice, e.g. SADiE V3 station now, and
others in the future.

More later.