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Re: vm_lowdown: Aaton INSTANTSYNC

>From:        Jim Erkson, JimErkson at aol.com
>To:          telecine internet group, telecine at sun.alegria.com

Jim Erickson wrote:
> Even with a hard disk system, one is forced to wait 1-3 seconds for the TC
> from the film to update.  On a documentary-style shoot with no slates and
> very short shots, I must stop and assemble each shot if I want every morsel
> of sound- 
> ..del ...
> Perhaps if the hard disk were propelled at a speed approaching that 
> of light during transfer---then it could anticipate events 
> that have not yet transpired? ;-)

Hello Jim,
As Keylink can't take the risk to jeopardize the database, nor the 
3lineVITC accuracy, audio-TC is considered valid if the image 
in the gate is correlated to an ACTUALLY read AatonCode. 
Hence the delay you are suffering from.

But anticipation is something Seek'n'Sync can risk for local on the fly 
audio syncing; that's why - with no faster-than-light disk drive -, 
we have access to the sound of the very first image of the take.

End of your *I must stop and assemble each shot if I want every morsel
of sound*...  hands off!

All the best,

Jean-Pierre Beauviala                                        www.aaton.com