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re: Digital Betacam Composite output Quality

Ed wrote:
>  If there is anyone out there that has experienced the chroma crawl
>     and general rattyness of this composite output and has discovered a
>     workaround short of putting an encoder on one of the digital outputs,
>     please let me know.

This issue came up here recently as well.

Most definately.  I was astonished to see full energy frequencies to 6MHz in
Y channel and 3 MHz Pr/Pb channels passed onto the machines' encoder chip.
Not the slightest pre-filtering at all, it seems.
Throw in some high detail and harmonics generated from enhancement upstream
and you've got a composite picture with a lot of aliasing.

The solution, of course, is to use a suitable outboard encoder if you need
precision posite output.

This issue came up here recently as well.