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Re: Tubes

At Southwest, we use the Brimar GlowFETS. I don't have the model number in
front of me, but I know it's not the Thick Faced variety. We normally get
12+ months average. We have had them die after 1 month and another that
went almost 24 months before it got soft. They live in a modified IIIB, the
Cintel formally known as "Rosemary's Baby". It's a long story, once I get
all the facts straight on it, I may send it to JK for the Telecine history

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> From: Mike Seymour <mseymour at mail.usyd.edu.au>
> To: telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
> Subject: Tubes
> Date: Thursday, October 17, 1996 4:38 PM
> Perhaps this is ground that has been well covered but...
> what is the group's thinking on which is the best tube?
> Tube Enhancement or Brimar thick face plate gold?
> for both MkIII and URSA?
> Also what is the actual number of months people tend to go
> between tube replacements ( as opposed to the makers 'claims')
> We use Brimar tubes, but many facilities here don't. I know if you
> go back a few years to the time of the factor relocation there was
> problems with Brimar - but they seem good now . Any comments?
> Has Cintel got a new opition now Brimar isn't in the family?
> Mike
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