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ATV info

                      Subject:                              Time:  12:27 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         ATV info                              Date:  10/18/96

Lately in the news you may have been following the battle between the Grand
Alliance ATV advocates and their detractors.  Most recently Bill Gates' people
have entered the fray with yet another challenge to the GA ATV "standards" by
accusing the GA of not making the proposed system more computer format
friendly.  Below are two web addresses for TIG members to review the highly
opinionated editorial points of view of John C. Dvorak from the Oct 22, 1996
iss of PC Mag at <http://www.pcmag.com/issues/1518/pcmg0058.htm>
and a rebuttal at <http://www.hdvision.com/FAQs/961013.0001.html> for Charlie
Pantuso's point of view.
Dave Corbitt