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Re: ATV info

On Oct 18, 12:38, "Dave Corbitt" wrote:
} Subject: ATV info

> Lately in the news you may have been following the battle between the
> Grand Alliance ATV advocates and their detractors.  Most recently Bill
> Gates' people have entered the fray with yet another challenge to the
> GA ATV "standards" by

Dave, thanks very much for the references.

After reading these articles I can't help but think there are some
strong emotions on both sides, bordering on fanaticism, and though I
was ready to take a side in this debate, I remember some wise words:
'beware those who are religious in defense of their positions' (Dave
Tosh, 1990, in conversation with Rob Lingelbach at Action Video).

Dvorak certainly is Japan-bashing with his article, but Pantuso takes
the whole computer industry to task repeatedly, associating 'computer
people' with planned obsolescense...I find both positions simplistic,
and Dvorak's particularly distasteful.  Pantuso doesn't help his cause
with SHOUTING CAPITAL LETTERS, but he may feel at a disadvantage, as
Dvorak is widely read.

I'm very interested in hearing the comments of those who are more
educated in ATV than I. 


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