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Re: Telecine Oral History Project...

     Christopher Bacon wrote a very lucid description of the Rainbow Patent
hoopla.  I was working at Century III in Boston at the time and had to give
a deposition about our Dubner/Chromacomp setup to some lawyers in our
conference room.
     I came away from the proceedings feeling very negative towards
Corporate.  I failed to understand why a company would initiate legal
proceedings against potential clients.  Apparently many other companies felt
the same way, as Corporate is no more, having been reorganized into a new
     I have nothing against their products... in fact, I've been told by
some that they are well designed, and if Mr. Sarabian was truly responsible
for the concepts of that stage of telecine color-correction he should be
appreciated.  But I just don't think suing one's potential client base was a
smart way to generate business.

Bob Lovejoy