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Re: Telecine Oral History Project...

JKreines at aol.com commented:

>We all hear tell of the CCC Patent Trust acting a little like the Motion
>Picture Patent Trust acted in the 1900s...  but would like to know more...
> from whatever biased or enlightened points of view are out there.  Did they
>sneak into your suites in the middle of the night with baseball bats?  Or is
>that something from Edison's day?

I'm positive that MILLIMETER did a lengthy article on the history of the
Armand Sarabia / Teletronics / Corporate Communications patent fight on
secondary color correction, about 5-6 years ago.

The gist of it (and I'm sure 18 people will jump out to correct me with the
details) is that Sarabia managed to buy the RCA ChromaComp patents about 15
years ago when he developed one of the first computerized color-correction
systems when he worked for Teletronics in the mid-1970s.  He was able to
successfully negotiate settlements from anybody and everybody who used
similar techniques that overlapped his patents.

One could argue the morality of enforcing such a broad patent, especially
when it was used to bludgeon manufacturers and even facilities with threats
of lawsuits and worse, but from a legal point of view, Sarabia was within
his rights.

I remember a few LA facilities around 1981-1982 where they were forcing
operators NOT to use the secondaries, even going so far to disconnect the
panels, for fear of being sued.  Very silly.  Eventually, they worked it
all out, and from what I understand, Mr. Sarabia got very wealthy as a
result (as did the lawyers, I'm sure).

--Marc Wielage
  Complete Post / Hollywood, U.S.A.