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Re: ATV info/flamebait

My feeling is that unless there is an industry wide decision to immediately
force ATV/HDTV/any-fancy-tv down the throats of consumers (like CDs, with
record companys killing off LP production) the Wide TV Buyers will remain a
little niche like the Laserdisc Buyers.  In the real world, not everyone has
or wants to spend $2000 or even $1500 on a TV set.

If there is a gradual conversion, it will probably end up like the UK, with
service continuing for many years to the few people with the old 405 (?) line
TVs...  or people of moderate means will have to do without television.
 There will be set top adapters...  all sorts of weird stuff!  

Personally, I do think that if we ARE going to be saddled with a new
standard, it should support multiple scan rates (perhaps 72 fps for film, 3
frames of video per frame) like computers do, and multiple aspect ratios,
too.  Fancy sets could have little traveling masks to make sure everything is
seen in the proper ratio.  Pan and scan info could be encoded if need be for
people who like that sort of thing.  Since computers already do most of this
stuff (kind of like sizing windows on a Mac) it's hardly a big deal.  I think
that tube size and shape can vary -- you can letterbox or fill a wide screen
-- your money, your choice.  None of this is new or brilliant.  Just pretty

But to be honest, I don't have a big problem with NTSC for home television

I mean, it's just TV!  

Who needs hi def to watch Roseanne or Seinfeld?  Or C-Span or CNN?  Or most
movies (yes, some deserve a better fate)?  People who need home theaters and
perfect television at home probably have too much time and money on their
hands!  Most TV I see I hear when I'm working...  with an occasional glance
to the screen. (Most TV is fine as radio...   I just wish someone made a car
radio that picked up all TV bands.)

And not all formats that manufacturers attempt to foist off on the public
succeed...  remember the Elcasette? DCC?  MiniDisc (for the consumer)? DAT
(for the consumer)? Selectavision?  Cartrivision?  EVR?  AM Stereo?  Quad?
 Holophonics? (This list is easier to think up than I thought it would be!!)

What do the rest of you think?

Jeff "running faster and farther!" Kreines