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Re: ATV info/flamebait

At 06:02 AM 10/19/96 -0400, you wrote:
>My feeling is that unless there is an industry wide decision to immediately
>force ATV/HDTV/any-fancy-tv down the throats of consumers (like CDs, with
>record companys killing off LP production) the Wide TV Buyers will remain a
>little niche like the Laserdisc Buyers.  In the real world, not everyone has
>or wants to spend $2000 or even $1500 on a TV set.
The early HD sets were priced at $25,000, as I recall. Needless to say,
the tubes are *very* expensive. I don't consider it possible to force
any high-def system down the consumer's throats. In fact, the broadcasters
would prefer to use the new bandwidth to run multiple compressed NTSC signals
rather than a single HD signal. I think HD is a non-starter...

> There will be set top adapters...  all sorts of weird stuff!  
No Doubt. Lot of money will be made there!

>Personally, I do think that if we ARE going to be saddled with a new
>standard, it should support multiple scan rates (perhaps 72 fps for film, 3
>frames of video per frame) like computers do, and multiple aspect ratios,
The proposed standard supports multiple resolutions and scan rates. I believe
the agrument is over exactly which ones are included.

>But to be honest, I don't have a big problem with NTSC for home television
Neither does almost anyone else out there in consumerland. The newer
sets are pretty darn good at making pictures out of NTSC.

>And not all formats that manufacturers attempt to foist off on the public
>succeed...  remember the Elcasette? DCC?  MiniDisc (for the consumer)? DAT
>(for the consumer)? Selectavision?  Cartrivision?  EVR?  AM Stereo?  Quad?
> Holophonics? (This list is easier to think up than I thought it would be!!)
Betamax (consumer). One could argue that LaserDisks never really flew. They
certainly never lived up to their potential: most disks contain serious
artifacts. CDV. CDI. AM digital radio. Edsels All!

>What do the rest of you think?
I think we need a standard before another Beta/VHS war erupts, if only
to protect gullible consumers. I also think that the consumer electronics
manufacturers have learned their lesson about standards, but the
computer industry seems unable to learn this one yet. Can you imagine
having to call tech support for your TV? Being put on hold for hours,
then charged $100 to be told how make it boot?

The computer industry is trying delay the standards process so that they
can fight it out in the marketplace. They may be correct that the time
has not yet come to make a standard. The consumer electronics industry
is desperate to spawn a new major product to keep the assembly lines
rolling, because the CE marketplace is pretty much saturated with the
existing products. More homes in the US have TVs than indoor plumbing.

The CE giants have been effectively shut out of the computer business,
and I think that they see HDTV and DVD are their last, best hopes. So
they need standards ASAP to avoid the inevitable bloodletting that would
ensue if they went ahead without standards. But they need new product soon.

Anybody else?
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