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gnashing and humming

Just received the following message; the writer has obviously been going
through the archives and had something to add.

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       further to the few discussions on why when chewing ice or
gnashing teeth, you see interlace errors, I would like to add the
following useless information. I have found the same effect when
Humming different tunes in a low key. (as low as you can get ie double
bass baritone) However I was always too embraced to tell anyone until
I saw the Subject Chewing ice, gnashing teeth, now I'm sure you would
understand and I must add that it feels so good to get this of my
chest. As to the reason, the way I think about it, well it's all to do
with ones eye balls moving up and down in near syncronism with the
vertical scanning rates and this causes a type of geometric
stroboscope effect and also a type of complimentary scanning effect on
the retina of ones eye balls. As to the chewing of ice I can relate to
this, the glass is empty. As to the gnashing of teeth, well I'm a
Telecine Maintenance Engineer.

ps. I don't have my own Email address yet, my Company one is    

lemac at lemac.com.au

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