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Spirit demo

I have had a little time to look at the tape I recorded at WME of my
film transfer on the Spirit, and have some observations.  The crew at
the Philips booth was quite helpful, I'd like especially to thank Ron
Anderson.  daVinci's Henry Gu and David Catt were helpful as well in
demoing Edwin, this is a very impressive bit of software.

Show demos are very difficult, the monitoring environment is a big
problem, and the implementation was buggy.  Three times out of four
when rolling the film, the black level in my grading of a still frame
would jump to 20 IRE, for example.

I found it quite easy to make great pictures, with a complete absence
of high-end or low-end clip/balance artifacts, this is extremely
pleasant for a colorist.  I transferred several shots of print film
that I have done before on an Ursa and it looks very nice back at
work, except for a problem: there is something that looks like bit
loss at the transitions between blacks and whites on my transfer,
manifested as tiny black dots around the edge of any dark object
against a lighter portion of the picture --for example, an island in a
lake in an aerial shot.  I didn't or couldn't see it on the show
floor, and to be honest, I don't know if it could be downstream of the
Spirit, perhaps between the Datacine and the D1 recorder.


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