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Re: Tubes

On Oct 18,  5:58pm, Steve Darsey wrote:
> Subject: Re: Tubes
> At Southwest, we use the Brimar GlowFETS. I don't have the model number in
> front of me, but I know it's not the Thick Faced variety. We normally get
> 12+ months average. We have had them die after 1 month and another that
> went almost 24 months before it got soft. They live in a modified IIIB, the
> Cintel formally known as "Rosemary's Baby". It's a long story, once I get
> all the facts straight on it, I may send it to JK for the Telecine history
> project.

	Duboi and Duran use Brimar tubes as well, I noticed that we don't
change them anymore because of loss of resolution like in the past, but because
of phosphor grain structure. The average life of a tube to me is about one
year, depending of how much the tube grain bothers you.
	Three years ago, I was running with quite an old tube with apparently
no resolution loss, but on a commercial with lots of split screens the graphist
told me some parts were softer than some others, I saw that the end of each
reel was softer than its beginning, the resolution was dropping during the
transfer, and getting back to normal between reel changes, the solution before
getting a new tube was to regrade and retransfer in low beam as the problem did
not happen this way.