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RE: Film Cleaner

Anyone else have experience with this TFS distilled water film cleaner?  =
was impressed with its method, but wondered about the results.

David Bernstein
The Post Group West

We have been using an FC2000 distilled water film cleaner from TFS for =
about 6 months. We've run 35mm, 16mm and S16mm mostly as OCN as well as =
print and IP.

The consensus here is that the FC2000 is somewhat less effectiveness =
than a trichlor cleaner for particle-type dirt. It has no effect on =
grease smudges or fingerprints but we rarely see that type of dirt. It =
does an acceptable job when combined with the Particle Transfer Rollers =
on our Ursa Golds. It does require a daily change of water, but dirty =
distilled water is much more fun to spill on oneself than dirty (or =
clean) trichlor.

There is a 5-10min. setup time required to change over from 35mm to 16mm =
or back (lots of parts). We had one of the first machines designed to =
operate with Super 16mm. Three rollers had to be redesigned as a result =
of 16mm drying problems that we experienced. To their credit, the =
engineers at TFS were very responsive as they took only 7 days to go =
from concept to prototype for the new rollers (which are working fine =

There are many rollers to thread and this means adding leader in some =
cases. If the machine's brushes begin spinning on active picture area =
instead of leader, water spotting and diagonal water streaks can be the =
result. Every time this has occurred, however, the spots and streaks =
were removed by running the film a second time using more leader.

Randy Reck
Encore Santa Monica