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Spirit, Rank, Etc.

The expanding subject on pros and cons re. the  R or P devices reminds me of
what Adam said to Eve when they met the first time: "stand back I do not know
how big this thing gets!" (ladies forgive my foul writing, I am but a simple

So allow me to add some, possibly late, reflections. 
What we are seeing is mostly positive, it is the carousel of evolution. The
faster it is going the merrier. It has been a long wait but now Cintel have a
worthy competitor. As previously pointed out,  the by-product of this has
already improved communication with clients and marketplace. I am sure that
Cintel will in greater extent  consider the benefits of adding non material
values to their product... Those of you who find their product superior, stick
with Cintel. They will need you now more than ever. This will eventually be good
for both of you.

As with Philips I cannot avoid to be happy for them, about time they got a break
(not forgetting Kodak). I wonder when their R&D account will balance... So those
of you who can afford it, buy their product to. This ensures  that both ends
will fuel the other to compettion on even grounds.

On the client side, there will be top end facilities not only boasting one
leading  hardware but with another, hence greater diversification, greater
opportunities on a creative level hence more arguments for your clients to

The rest of will have new opportunities to figure out how to make the machines
even better than designed and how to control and drive the beasts. A few other
will have to worry about changing xenon lamps instead of CRT's.  Bliss.

I would put my top bet on that we will see more good comming out of this than we
have in long time (by the courtesy of Rob and the Internet and all its
verbalists).  Who knows how big this thing gets?

Oh, one more item - I do not think there actually is a need to worry about a
limit to what a telecine session may or can cost - unless there is another
better (creative quality to price ratio) place to go...

Ps. message to Mike O,  another one of my monologues, did you like it? 

Mike R
"The future if television is the Internet (if it doesn't crash first)"