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Re: ATV info

On Fri, 18 Oct 1996 18:56:45 -0700, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>After reading these articles I can't help but think there are some
>strong emotions on both sides, bordering on fanaticism...
>Dvorak certainly is Japan-bashing with his article, but Pantuso takes
>the whole computer industry to task repeatedly, associating 'computer
>people' with planned obsolescense...I find both positions simplistic,
>and Dvorak's particularly distasteful.  Pantuso doesn't help his cause
>with SHOUTING CAPITAL LETTERS, but he may feel at a disadvantage, as
>Dvorak is widely read.
That he is. =20

I've been reading his columns for more than a decade, disagreeing with =
about almost everything. =20

He is, in my opinion, a gadfly, a dilettante, an uninformed muckraker =
a first class publicist.

The vast depth and breadth of his ignorance on some of the subjects which
he chooses to highlight in his columns is breath-taking.  There is at =
one camp that says he doesn't write most of his stuff, that he has so =
columns and essays due that his staff writes most of them for him.

The other thing is that his stuff seems to be written to get a rise out =
people.  He seems to do virtually no research, and almost *never* goes =
to visit a topic once he's done raking the muck about. =20

It is beyond me what qualifies him to hold an opinion on this subject =
should be considered by anyone involved in the industry beyond the
consideration you would give to the option of your car mechanic.

Good thing I'm not opinionated or anything.

Bob Kertesz
Blue/Green/Screen LLC

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