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Defective P/S chips STV1601A

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I have run into a chronic failure on a certain run of digital parallel 
to serial converters.  

The chip is STV1601A     and the date code on the chip is S2C1.

I have had a 100% failure rate on this run of chips (have had 4 
separate failures) within 18 months of manufacture.

Failures range from serial stream flatline, to partial failures (like 
SAV) to intermittant operation.

Again, we have had 100% failure on this paticular date code (S2C1) of 

Jan Janowski  Optimus

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I'm told that this is the same chip as the Sony SBX1601 hybrid.

I've seen and heard of failures of the Sony chip, and have even heard that 
Sony may have made a bad batch recently and is working on a fix.

I'm trying to learn more.

Has anyone else seen this?

Ken Rockwell
Tektronix, Hollywood
kenneth.r.rockwell at tek.com
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