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subscriber database

I was asked a while back to implement a webpage list of subscribers
ordered by last name.  I've done some of the work and have a rough
idea of what is involved.  I can see why 'webmaster' is usually a paid
position... my flat file database of 600
names/employers/location/other information must first be formatted,
then imported into my SQL server, a script must be written in Perl, C,
shell, or other (I'm using PHP) to parse and serve the data via HTML
for your browser.

There's a test implementation of this for the first 38 subscribers to
the telecine group at

I'd appreciate some feedback.  The other 562 subscibers will be added
at some point (a long, rainy weekend perhaps) as will a 'blind email'
option- you'll be able to send mail to another subscriber, without
that subscriber's address being made public.


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