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FW: Evertz KeyKode accuracy

>Phillip Budden wrote:
> > Where should we start looking and what can we do about this? 
>Evertz has always maintained a high priority on technical support and
>has provided the following ways to quickly help our customers solve
>technical support issues.
>The first place to look for help is the Evertz web site:
>http://www.evertz.com.  There are tech support documents helping you to
>confirm that your equipment is set up correctly.  The Tech support area
>gives direct links to our FTP site if you need to update the software
>to a current version.  There are also direct email links to Evertz tech
>support personnel who will be able to help.
>Evertz tech support is also available by sending email directly to
>eng at evertz.com.  Sending a detailed problem report to tech support is
>one of the fastest ways to receive answers to your questions. 
>Identifying the firmware versions and equipment configuration in the
>email eliminates 'email-tag' getting further information.
>Evertz also maintains mailing lists which customers can subscribe to to
>automatically receive technical bulletins of feature enhancements and
>product updates.
>Our technical support can also be contacted by phone  (905)335-3700 or
>fax (905) 335-3573 (International country code 1)
>Alan Lambshead
>V.P., Director of Engineering
>Evertz Microsystems Ltd.
>Burlington, Ontario
>alan at evertz.com