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Re: Musicians here?

Jeff Kreines wrote; "Looks like the auditions to fill the Telecine Interest
Group band are gonna be awfully competitive!"

Will not even attempt, even though I still have the flute in a cupboard
somewhere, it would not be the instrument of choice today. What I do take
seriously is my cooking as it is the only hobby I get to practise on a daily
basis. If you are going to have a jam session and manage to stay on key, I might
treat you to a REAL scandinavian smorgasbord, not those fake things you get at
your end. 

Anyone asked for a leftie? You got it. As my tailor in Hong Kong once put it
while trying to make a fit  " but sir... you are... hm.. asymetrical!" That is
what comes from too much carrying of Nagra 3's. Medical theory (by righthanders
obviously) has it that this is a brain damage at birth...

Mike R