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Pin the registration

I'd like to know if anyone is using a particular specification for
horizontal and vertical steadiness in pin-registration work on an Ursa
Gold/non-Gold.  How many nanoseconds of movement equal steady?  How
many nanoseconds equal rock steady?  When pinning film, do you take
off the PTR's?  I've found that this can improve steadiness.  

I'd like to get a feeling as well for the more popular platforms for
pin-registration.  My impression is that the Steadifilm Adam is the
preferred system, though Pin-Up is still around, and the realtime
systems (RTS, EPR) are suitable for all but the most demanding work.
A rumor I've heard is that Steadifilm will have a combination RTS/pin
gate available soon.

What are you Spirit'ers going to do for pin-registration?


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