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Re: Pin the registration

--- Forwarded mail from Dave at smavid.com

At SMA we use Meta/RTS on the Ursa Gold. I cannot think of a reason 
why I would EVER mechanically pin a job again! When we first 
installed the Meta/RTS I was very curious about just how steady and 
more importantly, repeatable the system would be. The first job we 
did after RTS was installed was an animation job that had been shot
checkerboarded front lit/back lit. Since we were also compositing the 
footage, we would have ample oppourtunity to fix any alignment 
problems that might be encountered in the transfer. Well there werent 
any alignment problems with the footage. If a client demands ADAM, we 
will of course try to talk them out of it, but if the client really 
insists on paying 4-500% more to transfer the effects footage, then 
who am I to argue?
Subsequently, we have transferred countless animation and bluescreen 
projects with the Ursa Gold and have never had a problem with line up 
or steadiness.
The first 3 or 4 jobs we have done on the Spirit (on line since last 
Wednesday) have been bluescreen jobs, one with 12 layers! Again, we 
were doing the compositing in house, and again, we encountered no 
problems with line up or steadiness.
The future? well, we expect to install the data output in the Spirit 
when it becomes available, which I understand will be sometime in 
December. Will the Kodak gate be steady enough for 2k X 2k output? 
Kodak seems to think so, but only time will tell. My spies tell me 
that Steadifilm might be working on some type of gate for the Spirit, 
and if it is better than the Kodak, gate, than we will probably get 
Dave Satin
Executive Vice President
Director of Engineering      212.226.7474/Voice
SMA Video Inc.               212.941.0439/Fax 
100 6th Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10013

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