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Hello all.
In regards to the Perc. question, two thoughts come to mind.
1) Where is the Perc residue coming from? Meaning:
Did you switch to Perc as a replacement for 111 triclor.
Is this residue from wet-gated print material.
But, I guess what should be pointed out is that perchloroethane WILL leave
residue on the film material if it is not dryed correctly after cleaning;
and, if after wet-gating, the film element should be then properly cleaned.
If you have any questions but would like further infomation, please e-mail
me, I will be happy to share with you what I know about this matter.
I might mention that I spent 10 years at film labs in Hollywood, two years at
Lipsner-Smith Company as their western region manager, and have just finished
consulting and testing a Perc/blend product.

Brett Sawyer
Consulting Motion Picture Post-Production
BRETTSAW at aol.com
(312) 309-5601