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Bruce "sober as a judge" Goldstein Wrote:

>We have found a curious situation since switching to perc.
>It seems a white powdery "track" (no kidding, really), that somewhat 
>lines up with 16 and 35 sprocket holes, is being deposited on our PTR"s.
>Anyone else run across this?????

Dear Bruce:
   I understand the "white powery track"  this is a sign of the perc drying on
PTR's. My question is: How did it get there? I can only think of a few answers.
1)The PTR's are down stream of the bath. This is a big no no.
2)The flat of film has been wet gated and  was not properly dryed. (In this case

bypass th PTR's!)  
3)The flat of film was perviously cleaned (in prec)  and not dryed properly, 
and then put  through the cleaner a second time.
Gook Luck;
Jim Mann